Journey to Vrindavan

Home of eternal bhakti

Vrindavan, often addressed as Vrindavan dham, or sacred abode, is a destination of spiritual journey to many. People travel to Vrindavan from all across the globe just to have a grace to walk on its soil and dust, marked with the footprints of Lord Krishna himself, who lived, walked and played here more than 5000 years ago. Vrindavan is the only place in India, where Lord Krishna is glorified non stop in more than 5000 temples and where all people greet themselves with the name of His beloved Radha.
Here, in Vrindavan, the leela of Krishna is still alive. Throughout the year you can experience various leelas of Sri Krishna being enacted and relived in His temples. Many deities here are self-manifested and have heart-touching stories. The most festive seasons in Vrindavan are blessed Kartik month and Holi time around, when entire Vrindavan becomes drenched in all the colours of the rainbow (along with all the people and animals). One thing is sure: Vrindavan is an experience, which you will never forget.

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