Journey to South India

Roots of Sri Sampradaya

Southern India has the most colorful, complex and rich culture, very deeply rooted in ageless Vedic tradition. You will find here the tallest temples in India, with colorful and intricately sculpted gopuras, and other astonishing architectural features. South India, spiritually potent with countless world-famous temples, will take you back in time and inspire you to deepen your inner connection with the Divine. And when visited with our Gurudev, you may be sure that the journey will be always full of surprises.
During His recent journey to South India, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda has led a group of devotees to more than 30 temples, especially those significant for Sri Sampradaya, as well as led them through the footsteps of Sri Ram on His trek to rescue His beloved Sita. A highlight of the trip was a ritual bath in Adhi Setu and the blessing of being bathed by the sacred waters of 22 sacred tirthams (sacred ponds) to absolve all sins. The group also enjoyed a swim in the sea where Lord Rama’s monkey army built the floating bridge to Lanka.

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Experiencing the silence in the home
of Sri Jagannath.


Visiting the home of
Lord Panduranga.

North India

Visiting the holy site of Vaishno Devi and many other Shakti Peeths.