Audio visual Media Consent and Release

I hereby consent and allow an authorized representative of Bhakti Marga India and/or Bhakti Bharat to take photographs or motion pictures of me; or to produce videotapes, audiotapes, closed circuit television programs, web casts, or other types of media productions that capture my name, voice, and/or image (any of the foregoing types of media are hereby called the ‘Materials’ in this Consent and Release form).


I authorize Bhakti Marga India and/or Bhakti Bharat to copyright the Materials, to use, reuse, copy, publish, edit, display, exhibit, reproduce, license to third party, and distribute the Materials in any educational or promotional materials or other forms of media, which may include, but are not limited to Bhakti Marga India and/or Bhakti Bharat Publications, catalogs, articles, magazines, brochures, books, websites or social media, electronic or otherwise, without notifying me.


I also agree that Bhakti Marga India and/or Bhakti Bharat may disclose my personal information such as: identify me by name including my spiritual name, Devotee, Seva volunteer, they may also refer to my nationality, hometown and such information as year & date in such materials.


I agree that I am participating on a voluntary basis and I will not receive or ever request any payment (including royalties) from Bhakti Marga and/or Bhakti Bharat for signing this release or as a result of any publication of the Materials.


I hereby declare and transfer all intellectual property rights in relation to the above to Bhakti Marga and/or Bhakti Bharat and confirm Bhakti Marg and/or Bhakti Bharat have the perpetual, sub licensable, worldwide right to use the aforementioned Materials


I hereby declare being a major and that I have the full right to make this declaration of consent.