Journey to Pandharpur

Vaikuntha on Earth

Pandharpur is described as Vaikuntha on Earth. This sacred abode of Lord Vitthala is unique, as every devotee of the Lord is allowed to touch His feet here. Countless miracles have happened in the past in this holy place and countless saints have lived here, often while fulfilling their mundane duties, yet with their minds firmly focused on Lord Panduranga and constantly chanting His names. Visiting the places, where they lived and praised the Lord, and where they ultimately took their samadhi, is a deeply touching experience.
In Pandharpur there are some of the most ancient and mysterious temples in India. Self-manifested deities reside in many of them. People of Pandharpur have firm faith in the Divine name of Vitthala and you can hear His name resounding in every corner, chanted joyously by the devotees. Because as our Gurudev said, “Panduranga is the Lord who is always joyful. There is no misery in Him. So, that Lord of joy, that Lord of happiness, wants you to have eternal joy, eternal happiness.”

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