EXPERIENCE Love in Vrindavan

Vrindavan Vrindavan, Uttar pradesh

“When the Lord manifests Himself on the physical level, the entire Universe centred itself in this particular place. At this point His lilas become Nitya-lilas: eternal. And Bhagavan Krishna is still playing his lilas every day. Therefore, such special vibrations can be felt here. There is no other place like Vrindavan. We have travelled through […]

Holi 2023

Vrindavan Vrindavan, Uttar pradesh

DRENCH YOURSELF IN COLORS OF LOVE REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED We are very excited to announce that Paramahamsa Vishwananda is coming to Vrindavan to celebrate the HOLI festival in 2023! Holi is known as the festival of colours and the festival of sharing love. It is the most joyful time in India. People light bonfires symbolising […]

Вриндаван и Варанаси 2023. Две священных обители Хари и Хара

Уттар-Прадеш Уттар-Прадеш

Людей со всего мира всегда привлекали две древнейшие святые обители Господа Кришны и Махадева. Здесь протекают две священные реки Индии: Ганга в Варанаси и Ямуна во Вриндаване. Они очищают от грехов тех, кто принимает в них омовение, и даруют бхакти – самый драгоценный дар жизни. Вриндаван Место, где Шри Кришна проживал свои сладкие лилы пять […]